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To create opportunities for Unbelievers to Believe and Believers to Pursue God’s Way in an effort to  help every person within our reach access their DESTINY. We are a Place where Purpose Meets Opportunity.


Need Prayer?
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We are a church of influence

a Church so impactful to our community that the city nor the region can ignore us.


We are a growing Church

blooming where we’ve been planted and expanding God’s Kingdom through Evangelism and Outreach.


We are a church that can be recognized

by our love for the Lord and the way we  express that Love through Praise and Worship.


We are a church committed to drawing men and women to Christ

through love and compassion no matter what state they’re in.


We are a church where unbelievers become believers

and where believers  become aggressive pursuers of God’s Way and His Will for their Lives.


We are a church where lives are changed forever

a Church where potential is pulled out and purpose is fulfilled through the power of God’s Word.


We are a church that believes in the Power of the Holy Spirit

and We Operate in Total Faith. There is nothing too hard for our God to do in us and through us.




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