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Destiny Church Tallahassee is seeking a young, energetic and innovative person to be Youth Pastor. This person will be responsible for guiding young people through spiritual growth and development. Duties will include organizing youth worship experiences and events, to encourage community building and other educational programs. 


The Youth Pastor will work alongside Lead Pastor and Ministry Staff to ensure that the faith needs of young people are met through the work of the ministry. 

The Youth Pastor of Destiny Church should be able to perform various duties and responsibilities. He or she should help the church fulfill its calling to minister to youth. This person will do this by being a  strong leader in the youth ministry and by training youth volunteers to serve in the church. The following are some of the duties and responsibilities he or she should be able to execute:

• Train and recruit volunteers for efficient implementation of church programs.


• Provide counseling to youths and help them realize their individual goals.


• Administer and plan numerous youth programs like evangelism, retreats and Bible study sessions.


• Coordinate with parents of youth group members regarding their children’s involvement and participation in the church.


• Participate and contribute to staff and church meetings.


• Train youths on how to be future faith-filled leaders and set up programs to facilitate spiritual growth.


• Develop and maintain effective relationships with various leaders in the community for purposes of swift outreach programs.

Thank you for applying. An official resume may be required upon evaluation of this preliminary application. We will be in touch. 

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